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Reconstruction of the transport system of Viys'kovy Descent

Our urban design for the historic city centre is aimed at solving transport problems, improving mobility and creating a pleasant environment for residents and visitors. The project was based on the best practices of global megacities, but with due regard to the peculiarities of historical architecture and a sense of local character.

Parts of the project that are already being implemented


Windows restored in Kindergarten #29


Changing the markings on Gogol Street by SMEP. Currently in the queue for application.


The expansion of the sidewalk on Sabaneev Bridge Street was agreed with the Department of Transport.

Project video presentation

One of the most important components of our project is the development of cycling infrastructure. We plan to create a bicycle path network connected to the main arteries of the city. This will allow residents and visitors to move around on bicycles with ease, reduce the burden on motor vehicles and improve air quality.

To reduce traffic congestion and facilitate traffic flow, we will offer changes in traffic management. Develop optimal routes for vehicles and provide fast and convenient public transport routes connecting the historic centre with other parts of the city.

Visualisation of the "before" and "after" changes we offer

Before/after: Sabaneiv Mist St.

Before/After: Viys'kovy Descent at the crossroad of Havanna St and Mayakovs'koho Ln

Before/after: Viys'kovy Descent

Before/after: Viys'kovy Descent at the crossroad of Prymors'ka St

Increasing the number of car parking spaces and their optimisation is an important aspect of the project. We propose to build multi-level underground car parking to free the streets from cars and create additional green areas for recreation.

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