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Sorting station in Odesa

We are announcing our intention to set up a permanent household waste sorting station in Odesa, which will operate on a daily basis. This is an important step that we must all implement together. The NGO "City of the future" appeals to local authorities and business representatives to assist us in this process.

Request to the local authorities

For more than 6 years we have been organising Eco-Routes, installed more than 70 recycling bins in residential areas of Odesa (the local authorities removed them for some reason in an unknown direction), held an Eco-Club to talk to Odesa residents about the importance of waste sorting, etc.

All our efforts do not solve the problem globally In Odesa, it is necessary to create an infrastructure for waste sorting. Therefore, we call on the local authorities to cooperate.


Waste sorting is first and foremost about caring for the environment and respecting the ecology and our common future, so we must start implementing proper household waste management in Odesa now. Despite the difficult times, we want to move our society forward towards development and the global future.

We are looking for a location

We appeal to the government and business to help us find the right location for the permanent sorting station.


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