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European Embankment

We are running a global international project to revitalise the coastline of 11-16 Velykyi Fontan stations (Odesa). Our goal is to create a comfortable space for all city residents and visitors. Solving existing problems and creating an inclusive space.

Odesa coast development plan


Values of the European Embankment


A person, his or her needs and comfort should be at the center of the project.

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Sustainability, local materials, biodiversity, sorting.


A separate beach for people with disabilities is segregation, we propose to create an inclusive space for everyone everywhere.

"For many years, as part of our human rights activities, we have been fighting against the illegal construction and infrastructure destruction of the Odesa coast in Kyivskyi district. Unfortunately, we received nothing but "concerns" from many authorities. Buildings were being constructed, roads were being destroyed, and no one was taking care of the coast. Therefore, based on the current situation, we created the Urban Buro project and are taking the initiative to develop the coastline from 11 to 16 stations of the Big Fountain. It is going to be difficult, but we have to do it. We are relying on the support and assistance of the city and state authorities. Stay tuned, we are doing this for you and for future generations."

Volodymyr Savchenko, Head of the Future City NGO


We provide

The project stages

1. Urban planning analysis
2. Draft design - proposal of changes
3. Declaration of Intention
4. A social survey
5. A memorandum of cooperation with the city authorities
6. Collaboration with developers
7. Engagement of international partners
8. The project of coastal reconstruction
9. Involving society to develop art spaces
10. The implementation of a project to improve the city

We conducted a survey of coastal users

For 3 months, I interviewed more than 600 people. And here's how it went.

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