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The Trench Candles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the winter of 2022, we collected tin cans, cardboard and paraffin to make trench candles for the needs of the Armed Forces. We did not limit the amount of collection, as the total need sometimes reached about 1,000 trench candles per day.

Requirements to raw materials

✔️ perfectly clean, odourless and rust-free (to ensure full and safe functionality)
✔️ the height of the cans is from 3 cm (e.g. Gourmet food) to 8 cm (for corn, peas, etc.).
✔️ keep the proportions of the jars 1:1 (height x width). Tall and wide cans (e.g. olive cans) should be cut in half. Important: The edges of the cans should be made safe so that volunteers do not injure their hands while working.
❌ we do not accept: dirty, rusty cans;
❌ we do not accept: flat cans (e.g. from sprats);
❌ we do not accept: jars larger than 500 ml

Cardboard✔️ soft with thick pores to be easily cut into strips

Paraffin wax
✔️ candle
✔️ food grade
✔️ NOT technical

Collection results

More than 15 thousand candles were made by our volunteers in 2 months; 4 Odesa cafes collected cans to send to our team; 9 cities sent cans by Nova Poshta.

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