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The Route of Invincibility

Creation and arrangement of an invincibility point in de-occupied Snihurivka, Mykolaiv region, initiated by the organisation "Dream of Free People".


How did it happen?

As part of the The Invincibility Route, the following was done: ● collection of recyclable materials, the money from which was used to equip the Unbreakable Point;● сollection of humanitarian aid for the residents.

The route was operated according to the schedule of the traditional Eco-route

● trucks arrive at the designated location at a specific time;
● Recyclable materials and humanitarian aid are collected within an hour;
● recyclable materials are handed over, and the money received for them is used to build an indestructibility point;
● the collected humanitarian aid is used to equip the point.

Collection results

During one route, we collected: 416 kg of waste paper, 113 kg of PET bottles, 9 kg of film, 7 kg of metal cans, 12 kg of aluminium, 387 kg of glass.

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