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Eco-Route and Eco-taxi

Eco-Route and Eco-Taxi are an opportunity to dispose of sorted solid waste in Odesa. We have been running such campaigns for over 6 years. Odesa residents have long wanted to sort waste, but the city currently lacks convenient infrastructure for this. Therefore, the task of our non-governmental organisation is to create such an opportunity for the locals.

How does the Eco-Route work?

Once or twice a month, we arrange a special route with fixed locations (we announce the locations and dates on our social media, please subscribe). People come to the collection point at the specified time and bring sorted waste.

This option is free of charge for those who wish to dispose of sorted solid waste.

How does the Eco-Taxi work?

EcoTaxi is an additional paid option. We come to your house and collect everything you want to recycle. We contact you and set a convenient time in advance.

What kind of raw materials do we collect?

Please bring raw materials clean, dry and compressed, sorted into separate containers by next categories.

♻ PET 01 (transparent, translucent bottles)
♻ HDPE 02
♻ Glass
♻ Paper
♻ Cardboard
♻ Al (aluminium cans)
♻ Other metals

Photo report from previous Eco-Routes

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